Libya: European Union and U.N. lies – Nato bombs

Nato bombs Tripoli as UN’s Amos calls for ‘pause’

May 10, 2011 – (AP)  TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — NATO warplanes struck a command center in Tripoli early Tuesday in the heaviest bombing of the Libyan capital in weeks.

The NATO planes struck what the alliance called a command and control facility in downtown Tripoli, according to Italian Brig. Gen. Claudio Gabellini.
“All NATO targets are military targets,” said Gabellini, who serves on NATO’s planning staff at the headquarters in Naples.
He denied that NATO was targeting Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.
In the latest strike, NATO planes hit at least four sites in Tripoli, setting off explosions that thundered through the city overnight. One strike hit a building that locals said was used by a military intelligence agency. Another targeted a government building that officials said was sometimes used by parliament members.
It was not immediately clear what the other two strikes hit, but one of them sent plumes of smoke that appeared to come from the sprawling compound housing members of Gadhafi’s family.
Between explosions, an aircraft dropped burning flares. Some residents responded by raking the sky with gunfire and beeping their horns.
Reporters, who may not leave their Tripoli hotel without government escorts, were shown damage done to a nearby hospital. A physician, Dr. Mustafa Rahim, said a 4-year-old boy was badly injured, but would not allow reporters to see him, saying he was in intensive care.


May 11, 2011 – In Tripoli, a series of explosions were heard this morning as NATO continues its bombardment of the country.

The first was heard at about 0730 local time. They continued sporadically until about 0815 local time. Neither NATO nor the Libyan government has commented on what was hit.    Two nights ago Nato conducted its heaviest night of bombing in two weeks.   The alliance said it had hit “command and control” facilities in the capital, but the Libyan government claimed the bombs hit administrative buildings.  Government officials said several children had been injured in a hospital neighbouring one of the buildings hit. They showed journalists damage to one of the wards but would not allow us to see the injured children.

In Strasbourg, the European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton has announced that the EU is to open up an office in the rebel-held city of Benghazi in eastern Libya.  It is another sign of a marked increase in cooperation with the opposition group trying to remove Colonel Gaddafi from power.

Officially Nato insists it does not target individuals, pointing out its mandate is to “protect civilians”. It claims only to target “command and control” facilities. But the Italian Defence Minister has now said Col Gaddafi could be a legitimate target, a view which echoed those of British Defence Secretary Liam Fox.  Speaking to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, Ignazio La Russa said: “Military targets are not identified and hit based on who might or might not be inside.  “If, for example, it is a place from which orders are being issued to strike against civilians then a raid is legitimate.”


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