Libya: Hillary Clinton lies

Hillary Clinton lies – The decision to attack Gaddafi and to bomb Libya was already taken before the UN voted on Libya

March 1, 20111 – Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Tuesday said he believed a no-fly zone should be imposed on Libya to stop a “danger of genocide”. Speaking at a conference in Brussels, Ayalon said international moves to impose a no-fly zone over Libya to stop Moamer Kadhafi using air strikes against his own people, had not been discussed by the Israeli government. “If you ask me personally, I think it should be imposed. There is a danger of genocide. Morally we have to stop it”, Ayalon said, adding “Its best to have the UN’s okay.” (AFP)

March 2, 2011 (1 day after the declaration of Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon) – Message to America and Europe: Spare us the crocodile tears over Libya – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that a no-fly zone could be imposed on Libya, in order to prevent Gaddafi from bombing his own people. She has also hinted strongly that direct military intervention is on the cards and said that it is time for Gaddafi to go. This has been echoed in Britain by David Cameron who has said that Britain will never abandon the Libyan people in their struggle against Gaddafi. These actions and statements are being made in the name of human rights and humanitarian concerns but beware of such crocodile tears.

March 2, 2011 (1 day after the declaration of Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon) – US general cautious on no-fly option – US secretary of state Hillary Clinton warned Libya could either become a “peaceful democracy” or erupt into civil war. Ms Clinton said Washington understood the Libyan opposition wanted to “be seen as doing this by themselves” as its rebels try to dislodge Mr Gaddafi and his forces. But she said the Pentagon and NATO allies have “begun to look at potential planning, preparedness in the event that we feel it’s necessary for both humanitarian and other reasons that there would have to be actions taken.” She said “one of those actions that is under review is a no-fly zone,” where Libyan warplanes and helicopters would be grounded by US and allied military forces to prevent them from attacking the Libyan people.

March 9, 2011 (8 days after the declaration of Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon) – ‘Any decision to impose a no-fly zone over Libya should be made by the UN and not by Washington, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said. Mrs Clinton said it was important such a move came from the Libyan people, rather than being a US-led effort.’ Mrs Clinton reiterated her government’s call for Col Gaddafi to step down peacefully, but warned that the crisis in Libya could be protracted.

Photo: Hillary Clinton whose election campaign was sponsored by the American Israeli lobbying group AIPAC and Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

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  1. kruitvat Says:

    NATO has to go out from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya !


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