Libyan Leader Gaddafi: My message to NATO

Libyan Leader Gaddafi to NATO: “I am impossible to kill. You can not kill me, because I live where you can not get me, in the hearts of millions of people. Even if you destroy me physically, I will remain in the hearts of millions”.
On Friday, the head of the Italian Foreign Ministry, Franco Frattini, told on a news conference in Tuscany that “It is likely that Gaddafi is hurt as a result of the NATO bombings”. He also suggested that the colonel had already left Tripoli.

Libya First

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  1. kruitvat Says:

    No Justice, No Peace
    Mohammad Zubair

  2. kruitvat Says:

    Africanyouth Forkadhafi
    Libya as a Nation and Kadhafi as a Guide has more to say in Africa than any other African Nation in terms of investing and enhancing development in the continent. Libyan investments in Africa are not just only for Libyans but for Africans in general as many can gain employment and earn a living. Also it has immensely contributed in projecting Africa’s image when it comes to infrastructure and beautiful sceneries. Libya is not the richest African Country when it comes to Petroleum and Mineral resources but because of Khadafi’s vision and competence they stand strong and it is this same vision he wishes to light up Africa with. Addressing the Libyan Legislature in 2002 Kadhafi said: “your future and future of your children is in Africa…. You have money and gas; Africa should benefit from them” he continued; “we have the chance now with the birth of the AU. Our riches and our oil must be put at the service of the African economic zone” “Africa should also benefit from Libya’s riches and you should not be opposed to it”

    Kadhafi and the Libyan African Arab Investment Cooperation (LAAICO);

    A gateway for investment in Africa

    With a running capital of 70 billion U.S dollars, the LAAICO and its major arms, the Libyan African Investment Company, LAFICO and the Libyan African Investment Portfolio, LAIP has realised outstanding success in integrating the African economy in sectors like Agriculture, Mining, Tourism, Telecommunication, Construction and Industrialisation. The LAAICO in less than ten years has readily contributed in the socio-economic developments in countries like Gabon, Congo, Burkina Faso,Niger,Mali,Guinea,Chad,Uganda,Benin,Liberia,Ethiopia,Madagascar,Central African Republic, South Africa,Eritrea,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Rwanda,Gambia,Ghana,Togo,Comoros,Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and also intends to go beyond these nations in the nearest future.

    Just to mention, the LAAICO owns the best and most luxurious hotels ranging from three to five Star in countries of its presence like the 5 star Michelangelo Hotel in Johannesburg and also a chain of five other Hotels in the country, the Hotel 2 Février in Togo, the 5 star SOFITEL Hotel in Burkina Faso, the 5 star SOFITEL Hotel, the Kempinski Hotel El Farouk and the Mariama Palace Hotel all in Bamako, Mali, the 5 Star Abou Nawas Hotel in Tunisia, Le Meridien Hotel Maya Maya in Congo, the Inter Continental Oukoumé Palace in Gabon, Hotel Libya in Uganda, the 5 Star Hotel Libya in Chad and Niger, the four Star Atlantic Hotel in Banjul Gambia, the four Star Golden Tulip Hotel in Ghana, the Libya hotel in Guinea Bissau, a four Star hotel in Bangui, Central African Republic, a five Star Hotel under construction in Mauritania, a Six Star Hotel under construction in Libreville, Gabon.

    The construction of Real Estates and other important residential areas has also preoccupied the LAAICO like in Cotonou, Benin where it owns an Estate of 69 villa called the CEN-SAD Complex which is one of the most renown and beautiful Estate in the country, in Mali the cité presidentiel constructed in a land of over 80 hectares that regroup 20 ministries in 14 story buildings, the Residential complex of 52 first class villas constructed on an area of 8 hectares in Lusaka Zambia, in Chad, Niger, Senegal, Madagascar, Zimbabwe it also owns Residential Estates, in South Africa a land of 4186sqm to be exploited with private partner to construct a 33stories town block, and also in Gabon where presently the LAAICO is constructing a 19 Story Office Block with a covered parking and a conference Centre, an Ultramodern 3 story shopping mall with an ice skating rink and also a 9 story residential building including 32 “luxury apartments”. . In Burkina Faso, it owns the El-Fateh, the Largest and most expensive commercial centre which comprises of Shops, Offices and Restaurants.

    In the domain of Telecommunication, we can make mention of the SONITEL and SAHELCOM in Niger, Rwand’tel in Rwanda, Oricel GREENN in Cote d’Ivoire. They are the first operator in fixed network and internet provider both in Niger and Uganda. In Sudan the LAAICO owns 80% in Southern Sudan’s Telecommunication Operator, the GAMTEL

    Mining of diamond is its main activity in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic ,Iron exploitation and fruit processing in Guinea, Gold production in Ghana where it also owns a supper market in Accra and an agricultural farm of 3426 hectares planted with fruit trees located in Sojakobi . Forestry and Petroleum distribution is its main activity in Gabon, it owns a rubber Factory in Gbanga, Liberia, in Zambia it owns a coffee plant. It owns a forest concession of 506.000 hectares and a Saw Mill plant in Congo producing furniture and carpenter wood marketed through out the world. It is also engaged in Poultry in Togo and Madagascar, it owns a mineral water plant and a garment factory in Chad and it is a share holder in a mineral water factory in Ethiopia not leaving out its role in agriculture and drilling of water wells. Also in Mali, the LAAICO is engaged in the exploitation of 100.000 hectares of land in the south of the country along the River Niger for the cultivation of rice, mill, maize and sugar cane providing employment to 10.000 Malians and in Sao Tome and Principe, the LAAICO in August 4 2009 invested 3 million dollars for the exploitation of the state owned Coffee Plantation, the Monte Café.

    The LAAICO has also been engaged in investing in very important projects in Africa like the 2500 Km pipeline project in Rwanda-Burundi, the extention of the Eldoret to Kampala Kenya pipeline project,a Canal project in Timbuktu, Mali, buying shares in the Pan African Radio Station, Africa N° 1, partly financing the very first pan African Satellite Telecommunication, Ras com, and also investing 47 billion FCFA in a 56,54 billion FCA project in the construction and exploitation of the third Central Electrical Project awarded to the EEC, the Electrical and Energy Company in Cote d’Ivoire. It also invested 5 million dollar for a 35% in the National Tobacco Company of Mali, the SONATAM and also holding shares in the Malibya company with a capital of 85 million Euro that is involved in development works in Mali. In Gambia, it owns a 60% share in the African International Company.

    Most fascinating with the LAAICO is the “khadaffi’s Tower” which is under construction in Dakar, Senegal. It will be the tallest building in black Africa and will comprise 67 stories .It is estimated to cost some 250 million dollars (125 billion FCFA).As the Eiffel Tower is to France, the Twin Tower to Malaysia, the Liberty Statue to America so to the “Khadaffi Tower” as many claim will be to black Africa. In it will contain a 5 star Hotel, a Conference Hall and other multipurpose services.

    Also with the LAAICO is the Oil Libya company that has replaced the Mobil Company and it is present in 21 African Countries providing employment to thousands of Africans and also helping the problem of Fuel scarcity in these countries.

    Similarly, the Afriqiya Airway, the only African Airline Company reaching the most obscure parts of East, West, North and Central of Africa belongs to the LAAICO. Afriqiya meaning “for Africa” owns over 20 Aeroplanes aimed to facilitate aviation in Africa curbing cargo monopoly by Foreign Flights and also bringing down the system of transiting in some European countries by Africans flying within Africa.

    Kadhafi’s Great Man-made River International Water Price for “Water Resources in Arid and semi Arid Areas”.

  3. kruitvat Says:

    The Man made river is an irrigation project that the Libyan government started its construction in 1984.With a cost of 30 billion dollar, it is intended to supply the Northern cities of Libya like Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirte with fresh water for agriculture, Industrial and Domestic purposes from the southern Sahara desert. It consists of water dug from beneath the Desert and pumped into large reservoirs by large pipes that move for more than 4000 miles to reach the Northern cities. The Libyans call it the “eighth wonders of the world” and it still stands the World’s most expensive Irrigation Project. Through it Libya’s Agriculture consist 20% of its exports and the deserted Libya in most areas is seen evergreen thus boosting its ecosystem.

    In respect to this project, a price is awarded annually by the Director General of the UNESCO to an individual or group of individuals or Research Institution having made valuable contribution to the development, management or use of water resources in arid and semi arid areas. It also rewards scientific research and discoveries in the field of exploration of ground and surface water usage in arid and semi arid areas subject to drought and desertification contributing to human and environmental development. The price consist of a Medal, a Certificate and Financial award thus encouraging research and improvement of water resources in Africa as many can benefit directly or indirectly.

    The AlKadhafi International Price for Human Rights.


    Established in 1988 by Kadhafi it is aimed to benefit an individual or group of individuals, Organisations that has distinctly contributed to render valuable human service in domains of Human rights, protecting freedom and promoting peace in the World. Ten million dollar was granted by Kadhafi to the Swiss based Foundation North South which awards the price and a sum of 250.000 dollar is to be shared yearly. Nelson Mandela was the first beneficiary of this award in 1989 and other Africans too have been beneficiaries since its Creation.

    Kadhafi a Leader of words and works.


    From analysis, Kadhafi’s drive for a possible United Africa is geared to one principal direction that is challenging the West whom he sees as the Authors of African crises and problems. It is for this reason that he has never seized to blame them for Africa’s backwardness and has always alert Africa on the issue of Unity which he sees as the only panacea to African problems.

    “We are not begging them and we are not Beggars, we are demanding a right that has been usurped”, Kadhafi declared in November 19 2009 in Rome during the Food and Agricultural Organisation Summit .He proceeded: “we are demanding a price, the return of the debt to its owners and the compensating of those whose wealth was robbed”. This was on behalf of Africa, and the third World Countries.

    In a meeting with the African presidents in 2009, Kadhafi disclosed Libya will in a week’s time claim a quarter billion dollar for the next 20 years from Italy as compensation for crimes committed during Colonial days. He was right because at that time, the Italian Parliament had voted and agreed to pay the money. As part of the agreement, Italy is presently constructing a road that comprises thousands of kilometres stretching from the Libya-Tunisia boarder in the West to the Libya-Egypt boarder in the East

    It is upon success of this agreement that Kadhafi declared he will use his term in Office as A.U Chairman to claim Africa’s colonial rights. Time is running out and no African Country is willing to cooperate to win their Colonial rights. Nevertheless Khadafi still stands as our best choice because he has never seized to assist individual African countries. He ones said: “I feel profoundly African and I belong to this continent with every fibre of my being. And to defend the dignity, liberty and independence of Africa, we grant substantial material and moral aid. In fact, Libya has agreed donations, credits and bank deposits to dozens of African countries; we have supported their economies and their currencies. It has also granted study scholarships and medical assistance, created banks, mixed companies and invested capital in their projects without making any profit”.

    Just to mention on 7 September 1999, Libya paid some 4.5 million dollars to clear the contribution arrears of seven African countries indebted to the O.A.U and in 2002 upon the creation of the AU; Kadhafi donated some one billion dollar to serve as official budget. Also with the aid of Kadhafi as Chairman of the A.U in 2009, some 3.5 million dollar was voted to compensate victims of internet scam or advance fee fraud. This game has been carried out by some black Africans especially Nigerians and it is designed to crook people through the internet. As such, it has gained condemnation from some Western Sacred Agencies like the F.B.I because many people in Africa and the World have been robbed financially and as such those who need compensation to begin a “new life” are offered 500 dollar each. Also on 9 May 2000, Libya cancelled part of Tanzania’s 46 million dollars debt and changed the remaining amount for investment in Tanzania. Similarly Libya in June 2008 granted investment fund to Somalia through the Sahel Saharan Investment Bank, BSIC in a bid to improve its infrastructures like roads and bridges while on 20 June 2001 Libya agreed to grant 250 million dollars to Ghana to create an investment fund for small scale and agro industries as well as assistance to business.

    Natural catastrophes and disasters have on several occasions set Africa on the stage for aid from countries around the world. Kadhafi on his path as an African has contributed immensely to relief victims of such disasters. To combat mass starvation caused by drought in Zimbabwe, Kadhafi donated some 6000 tonnes of maize to victims on 16 December 2003.Similarly drought victims in Ethiopia benefited some 160 tonnes of Relief supply on 31 January 2003 from Libya and some 1000 tonnes of relief supply was handed to drought victims in Kenya in July 2001. Also the Kadhafi’s Foundation financed the drilling of 45 Wells to provide fresh water for drinking and Agriculture to the desert regions of Teskar, N’guigmi, N’gourti and Agadez that suffer from drought and scarcity of water all in Niger.

    Flood Victims in Sudan received tonnes of food and Health care from Kadhafi in August 2003 and in August 2007 and October 2007, that is twice in two months, flood victims in the Sudanese Western region of Darfur received some 70 tonnes of food stuff, 20 tonnes of clothing, 450 Tents and 200 first aid kits from Libya. Similarly two Libyan Cargo Planes carrying tonnes of Humanitarian aid arrived Burkina Faso and Chad on 10 October 2007 to assist flood victims. In Mozambique, Libya on 5 march 2000 launched a 3 day airlift emergency supply to Maputo in which teams of Libyan Frogmen and canoes were involved to rescue victims of flood and on 24 March 2000, Libyan Doctors nurses and Technicians with a shipment of supply including drugs and equipments arrived Maputo to assist victims flood.

    To aid victims of volcanic eruption at Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya flew substantial Humanitarian aid through Kigali, Rwanda on 18 February 2002 and on 24 December 2008, the Kadhafi’s Project for African Youth, Childhood and Women flew a plane load of Humanitarian items to assist victims of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also Darfur Refugees in Abéché, Chad received shelter tents, blankets and other humanitarian materials from the Kadhafi’s Foundation.

    On 11 April 2006, Libya donated some 8 tonnes of Rice.10 tones of Flour, 8 tonnes of Sugar, 2.5 tonnes of Semolina and 3.6 tonnes of cooking Oil to the people of Kidal in the North of Mali. This town is dominated by the Sahara desert making agriculture and living extremely difficult. Thus it was intended to improve the wellbeing of the people. Similarly on 20 September 2008, the Kadhafi Foundation for Development flew a Libyan cargo Plane carrying 4 tonnes of drugs and 11 tonnes of clothing to N’djamena to assist victims of war in Chad. Niger was not left out on 27 May 2008 as a Libyan Cargo plane flew tonnes of humanitarian aid to help the poor and needy. Also, Kadhafi donated some 70 tonnes of food and drugs to assist victims of the 28 September 2009 crackdown on opposition militants which claimed over 150 lives in Guinea Conakry. In Ethiopia, Libya in May 2000 donated 1.5 million Swiss Franc to the Ethiopian Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission to alleviate food shortages in the Country.

    Improving agriculture in some African countries have also preoccupied Kadhafi as on 14 December 2003 Libya granted some 1.7 million dollar, over a billion Franc CFA to Chad to ensure its food security. The Libyan Fund for Assistance on 10 September 2008 flew a cargo plane to Togo carrying tractors and other agricultural equipments to improve its agriculture. Similarly, the Malian government in 2003 received over a hundred million franc CFA from the Libyan ambassador in Bamako to help improve its water resources and in April 2009, Libya donated some items estimated at 700 million F CFA to improve the livestock farming in Mali. The government of Mozambique on her path received some ten tractors from the Libyan fund for African development in 10 February 2009 and the Mauritanian government too in November 2009 received some 10 tractors from Libyan government to help improve its agriculture not leaving out Tanzania and Zambia that received some 10 Tractors too. Also, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana in collaboration with the Libyan Government provided free Tractor services to farmers in the northern region as from 29 January 2009. On 22 June 2008, a Libyan air cargo loaded with tractors and agricultural accessories arrived Niger and Mali while in February 2010 barely a week after receiving over a 1000 date plants, the government of Botswana received some 8 tractors from Libya.

    Post war Sierra Leone and Liberia on several occasions have benefited from Libya’s aid programme as on 11 February 2005,some 30 tractors were handed over to president Ahmad Tejan in Freetown by the Libyan minister of cooperation and on 8 September 2006, 69 buses, tractors and specialised sanitation equipments were donated by the Libyan government to Sierra Leone. Also on 19 January 2008, President Ernest Bai Koroma received some tractors, drugs and food items worth some millions of dollars from the Libyan fund for assistance and development in Africa. Post war Liberia too on her path, received a technical and vocational school for the Handicapped and Libyan assistance to tackle food crisis as well as renovation of the Ducor Intercontinental Hotel which is the best in the Country. On 18 December 2007 the Libyan Investment Portfolio, LAIP in partnership with a local NGO, the Foundation for African Development Aid, brought into Liberia some 30 million dollars for Rice cultivation in a bid to improve food sufficiency in the country.

  4. kruitvat Says:

    Locust invasion in several West African nations for the past years which provoked famine by eating up vegetation was not ignored by kadhafi. In September 2004, Chad Mali and Senegal were supplied with man power equipments and tonnes of pesticides worth millions of dollar to combat the locust invasion and in 2005, a cargo ship arrived Guinea Bissau with 5 vehicles equipped with spraying equipments and 16 tonnes of pesticides of which Libyan technicians were engaged in the spraying of insecticides against the locusts in Bissau’s outskirts of Antula Bono,Taquir,Pabidjar.

    In the domain of Health, in February 2002 through the South-South cooperation, some 82 Libyan doctors were despatched to assist several African countries .In February 2007, a cargo plane carrying humanitarian aid and medical consignments including polio vaccines arrived Cotonou, Benin as part of medical campaign by the Kadhafi’s project for African youth, Women and Childhood targeting 12 countries in Africa. The Khadafi project for African youth, Women and childhood headed by Khadafi’s wife plays also an influential role in assisting victims of AIDS in Africa and through her ties with other First Ladies in Africa has helped in constructing clinics in several African countries like the SOKA clinic in Burkina Faso which is the best in the country. Also the Kadhafi’s Foundation financed a polio immunisation campaign in Chad in June 19 2008 targeting over 250.000 Children less than 10 years in which Libyan and Chadian medical staff of 735 people was engaged. In Zimbabwe, as part of an 850.000 dollar assistance package from Libya, the Libyan Ambassador to Harare, Dr.Taher Elmagahe on 24 December 2009 donated a consignment of Drugs and water treatment chemicals to mitigate the spread and recurrence of cholera. Also the Kadhafi’s foundation donated over 14 million franc CFA to the Malian government on 14 February 2009 to launch its national vaccination campaign.

    Still in the domain of health, the Kadhafi’s Foundation has an Orphanage and a field hospital in N’djamena, Chad. In Burkina Faso, it donated the Aicha Benniran Clinic, first of its type to the People of Pouytenga which consist of an inoculation room, examination room and Pharmacy not leaving out the people of Zinaré with a Clinic which is also the first of its type in the region. In Comoros, the Health Ministry on 25 December 2000 received Humanitarian supplies from Libya including Clothes and medicine worth 100 million Comorian francs

    In the domain of education, on 8 October 2005, the Libyan ambassador to the Comoros, Dr. Mosbah Elmontaser Fafer donated some 115 million Comorian francs to assist the University of Comoros and on 26 August 2009, Khadafi donated a school block built at the cost of 342,770 Euro (168,632 million Comorian francs) to host its Faculty of Science. In Burkina Faso, The Kadhafi’s Foundation donated the Abu Menyar Centre for vocational training to the people of Pouytenga which consist of sections like typing, hand weaving, knitting, administrative affair section which is the first of its kind in this region. It also donated the Saif al-Islam High School to the people of Pouytenga and in Zinaré still in Burkina Faso, the Omar Muktar High School and the Libyan Centre for Vocational Training which consists of sections like Printing, initiation to Computer, hand weaving, knitting and administrative department to accommodate 300 trainees of both sex was also donated.

    Still in the domain of education, the Kadhafi’s Foundation in Niger donated some 8 Class rooms with each having a capacity of 90 Students to the people of the Tesker region, the Ngourti Elementary School that can accommodate 360 pupils and also 6 classrooms including Sanitary and Administrative departments to accommodate Students to the people of the ADD AREA region, the N’guini Education Compounds including 10 classrooms, a Scientific Lab, a dormitory for Students and a sports ground with a capacity of 400 in a bid to combat illiteracy.

    In the domain of gifts to several African Governments, in 2009, the Comorian government received a donation of 2 million dollar as budget aid from Libya. The government of Ghana on her path received a Mercedes Benz S500 as gift from the Libyan government on 19 November 2002 and on 16 December 2009 following the 21 October fire that left Ghana’s Ministry of Finance in ruins, the Libyan Ambassador to Accra donated Office Equipments worth 250.000 dollars which included 70 Computers complete with Printers and work stations, 70 Office tables and chairs, a set of Executive furniture , 50 metal and wooden cabinets, 4 Fax Machines, 4 Photocopiers and one PABX system supporting 24 telephone lines. In May 2000, Libya offered a brand new sleek BMW Car worth 100.000 dollars without taxes to Janet Mussoveni, Uganda’s First Lady. Similarly in July 2009, Libya donated to the Chadian water and power supply Company, STEE a 20MW power generator worth some 26 million euro (13 billion FCFA) and to combat electricity problem in Guinea, the Libyan Ambassador in Conakry, Dr.grioma Alzarzou on 26 January 2009 donated some two Generator Sets worth 2 million dollars with a capacity of 800 KW each. In January 2009 Libya donated some 1000 tonnes of tar to Zanzibar to rehabilitate its roads and the government of Benin on her path received some 16 billion F CFA (25 million euro) to tar some of its roads and also assist the youths.

    It is also important to note that Kadhafi through the Community of the Sahel- Saharan states, the CEN-SAD has set up the Sahélo- Saharan Bank for Investment and Commerce, the BSIC in more than 25 member countries in a bid to finance development projects and also promote local business. Apart from the BSIC, Kadhafi also have a chain of Banks in several African Countries like the Commercial bank of Burkina Faso, the BCB in which he holds 50% shares; in Mali he owns the Sahel commercial Bank, the BCS with a running capital of 10 million euro.

    In the domain of Sports, in April 26 2002, the Libyan football Association donated some 200.000 dollar to the Uganda’s football association (FUFA) and in the 2004 African cup of nation’s tournament hosted by Tunisia, Libya paid for the images of matches for some 7 African countries that were unable to afford the images.

    Apart from the above mentioned, many other African countries had benefited and are still benefiting from Kadhafi’s aid programme especially the distribution of 300 tractors in several African countries that some has not been mentioned above. Also most ministries and security services in individual African countries have benefited service cars from Libya as Kadhafi hardly return to Libya with the cars used in his visits.

  5. kruitvat Says:

    Mohamed Al-Ghryani

    LIbya. Tripoli. Bombes. film 5993.
    LIbya. Tripoli. Bombes. film 5993. 30 апреля в 2 часа утра Муаммар Каддафи обратился по телевидению к ливийскому народу и международному сообществу. Он тольк…

  6. kruitvat Says:

    Mohamed Al-Ghryani

    Media coverage of Libya’s war has been one sided and completely ignored what the majority of Libyans felt about their government. I therefore decided to crea…

  7. kruitvat Says:

    Jazira Chuibekova
    Алексей Хреба
    Hello People..I am one of war supporting cyber army from Libya..we called Libya First..We are working in Tripoly..And We thanks for yours helping and if someone wants to contakt and helps us you can found us there it is our official page on English also you can find Libya First pages on Russian,Arabic,Portugal,Fransh,Italian,Deutsh.Thanks Serbian Brothers!

    Libya First
    Condemn and Prosecute all those who Insult to the Libyan people, whether to announce False or public support and direct the movement of civil strife, armed rebellion or decisions, and wanton interference of others unjust and include a condemnation both of the characters: – Amr Moussa – Nicolas Sarkozy – Shalgam _ authorities or institutions to the Gulf Cooperation Council _ Arab League News channels: – Al Jazeera – Arabic – Al-Hurra – CNN
    Page: ‎337 people like this.

  8. kruitvat Says:

    Khamsa Erzoga

    NATO-bombing-on-civilians-Suirte- Libya
    NATO bombing in Sirt city on civilian areas As you see, there are a lot of injured people entering the hospital and women crying in pain, the nurses are cryi…

  9. kruitvat Says:

    NATO’s commander Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard: “All Nato’s targets are military in nature”.

    8.5.2011 – NATO bombing in Sirt city on civilian areas

    As you see, there are a lot of injured people entering the hospital and women crying in pain, the nurses are crying of the horrific situation and a lady shouting “There is no God except Alla, O’ Allah take revenge for us..”
    One of the nurses say: ” Please videotape his let that prince of Qatar that rhinoceros see what he did, the Arabs sold us, yes they are dogs, yes Arabs are dogs the rhinoceros of Qatar is a dog…you prince of Qatar, you are a dog, you dog, you will have your share someday, Libyans will always be proud you dog. A doctor says: ” bombing caused some damage to the hospital, as you see the windows are broken and there was damage in the intensive care, the operation rooms and damage all around the hospital..and this led to terrifying the patients that were already deeply injured .

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