Zandvoort childporn case reopened !

ACTION – The Werkgroep Morkhoven (Group Morkhoven) decided to reopen the Zandvoort childporn case with 88.539 victims that was also covered up by  the Belgian autorities

Global trail of abuse led to arrest of five suspects

The Garda operation to seize the computers of five suspected child abusers began at least six years ago, reveals Jim Cusack.

Sunday November 11 2007 – The trial that eventually led to the doors of five men in Mayo, Westmeath, Wicklow, Clare and Galway, began six years ago in Denmark.

Police there arrested a 45-year-old chiropractor who had been sexually abusing his nine-year-old daughter, and then uploading images on to an internet site operated by a network of paedophiles calling themselves the “Fun Club”. Since the late Nineties, 45-year-old Dr Lloyd Alan Emmerson had been using the internet to exchange images of the abuse of his daughter with 25 other European men who were also abusing their daughters, or little girls in their care. In all, 65 girls aged from two years to 14 were found to have been abused and were taken into care in 2002. Emmerson, who was found to have half a million images, including films of children, was sentenced to 30 years’ imprisonment…

by Jim Cusak – 11 November 2007 –  Source


Picture: Dr Lloyd Alan Emmerson, network Hamlet

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