American Indian Movement activist joins Gaza Freedom Flotilla

The Free Palestine Movement said that the American Indian Movement West (AIM-WEST) contains “a spirit of resistance to colonization, respect for traditional knowledge and self-determination, and a commitment to inter-tribalism.”

“Among the objectives of AIM-WEST is to raise awareness on issues that concern or impact upon Indians of the Americas on a daily basis,” the Free Palestine Movement said.

Those issues range from racism in sports and public schools, to protection of sacred sites, mining and water contamination, youth and the rights of the child, honor and respect for treaties and agreements, political prisoners, police brutality, immigration and militarization of the borders, climate change, and green economy conversion for sustainable futures.

AIM-WEST is also pressing for the implementation of the recent adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Free Palestine Movement said.

As the flotilla prepared to leave from Mediterranean ports this week, the US increased threats to halt the US boat and Greece officials intervened to stop the boat. Meanwhile, Israel warned international journalists that they could be banned from entering Israel for ten years and their equipment confiscated.

Late last week, the US State Department issued increasingly threatening statements to US passengers on the flotilla, ultimately threatening fines or imprisonment. Then, six Congressmen urged the State Department to ensure safe passage for US citizens. Finally, Greece officials intervened and said the US boat, the Audacity of Hope, was not seaworthy.


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