Free Brendan Lillis: Action in Glasgow


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Brendan Lillis, a 59 year old former Life-sentence political prisoner from West Belfast, in Ireland, is currently desperately ill in the medical wing of the notorious Maghaberry prison, in County Antrim. He suffers from the intensely painful and progressive disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis which due to other medical complications has left himunable to move from his bed for 14 months and his weight has dropped to a perilous 6 stones (38.1 Kilos !). Due to a series of serious infections and medication which has compromised his immune system, Mr Lillis has been unable to eat, sleep or hold down even liquids for a period close to a month and is constant agony. In short, his health has deteriorated to such an extent that his partner Roisin, who is his only contact with the outside world, fears that he will die in his prison bed!


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  1. kruitvat Says:

    Sign the petition



    Target: To have him released fom Maghberry Prison Hospitial
    Sponsored by: Civic-Campaign for innocent Victims in conflict
    This man is really very ill he is being held in Maghberry Hospitial. He has been found not
    Guilty of any crimes but they are still holding him there. He is Paralised from the neck down and cannot move his body, the Hospital staff are not properly trained to care for him.
    He needs to be released into the care of his family as he is getting sicker by the day. This man has not commited any crimes and should be released immeidatally.

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