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Libya: BBC calls to kill you…

augustus 29, 2011

NATO-media showed us now horror pictures. They didn’t show us the pictures of the victims of the UN-mandated NATO-bombings and of the ‘victorious’ actions of the so called rebels. As some months ago, it is clear what NATO-media want: create hate and organize that the so called rebels kill everybody. It is a kind of ethic cleansing (with an UN mandate and ‘respectfull’ media as the BBC)

Photo: NATO-leaders, laughing

Libya: Keep fighting the treators !

augustus 23, 2011

Keep fighting ! They can murder us but they can not break our will !
We are not traitors as the NATO-rebels who say that they will recognise Israel and that “the future regime will maintain normal relations with other democratic countries, including Israel.”

The Libyan ship with aid supplies for Gaza that was blocked by the Israeli authorities and threatened by the US. State Department (July 2010).

صور بثتها وكالات الأنباء لسيف الإسلام ينفي من خلالها اعتقال الثوار له في طرابلس