Syria: Syrian Youth for Development and Reform continues struggle



Syrian Youth for Development and Reform Association Vows to Continue Struggle


May 3, 2013

The Syrian Youth for Development and Reform Association continues activities for protecting the homeland and raising awareness in society, undeterred by its losing several martyrs.

The vindictive terrorism has not spared the association’s best cadres, the latest of whom was the engineer Rida Salim Saleh.

The members stressed that the association will remain unbowed by terrorism, vowing to continue their struggle spurred by the martyrs whom the association offered, and to intensify efforts to repel aggressions against the homeland.

The association’s members remember with awe their martyrs, namely Khodr al-Sa’do, Kameran al-Malla, Mahmoud Ghazal, Morhaf al-Tanbakji and Yazan Shamieh, in addition to martyr Saleh, a founding member of the association who believed in the role of the youth at this stage of Syria’s history.

Martyr Saleh, who was born in 1962 in Hina village in Mount Hermon, added significantly to the association, especially that he supervised training cadres in electronic engineering which the association organized.

Since the onset of the crisis, the association has engaged in national activities, including participation in national marches, visiting injured army personnel, distributing symbolic gifts to the law-enforcement checkpoints and hosting Arab and foreign delegations.

M. Ismael


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