Syria: Prime Minister – National dialogue


Al-Halqi: Doors Wide Open to All Syrians to Draw Syria’s Future

May 23, 2013

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed that the ministerial committee tasked with implementing the political program for solving the crisis is open to all the Syrians for ensuring the success of the national dialogue conference and drawing Syria’s political future.

During the committee’s meeting on Thursday with heads of charities, al-Halqi highlighted the positive outcomes that emerged from the committee’s previous meetings with all components of the Syrian people and their role in finding common ground that helps in paving the way for holding the national dialogue.

He affirmed that the solution is only Syrian and by the Syrians themselves through implementing the political program for solving the crisis.

”Even the armed groups are by now convinced in the truth about a major conspiracy targeting Syria, and they started to lay down arms and return to lead normal lives,” al-Halqi added.

The prime minister indicated that building a strong state requires a coherent civil society dominated by love and communication which rejects violence.

He stressed the importance that the civil society fights the strange Western ideas and traditions and fosters a culture of amity, dialogue and tolerance, hailing the role of charities in offering a helping hand to poor and displaced families.

Al-Halqi expressed the government’s support for charities, underlining the importance of activating their role for developing human resources and creating new job opportunities.

He hailed the great achievements of the Syrian army against the terrorist groups as the government is bent on enhancing the steadfastness of the Syrian people through developing national economy and providing needs to all citizens.

Heads of charities expressed support to the political program and the government’s efforts for implementing it, hailing the government’s efforts for enhancing the steadfastness of national economy and providing the citizens’ needs.

They also called for combating corruption and addressing the files of the kidnapped and the missing, and finding mechanisms for delivering food packages to all areas.

They discussed the methods of ensuring the success of national dialogue, especially achieving national reconciliation for building a modern, safe and stable Syria.

M. Ismael

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