Bloody Sunday – March for Justice

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Photo: Bernadette Devlin pictured on RTÉ News on 18 August 1969.

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4 Reacties to “Bloody Sunday – March for Justice”

  1. kruitvat Says:

    Bernadette McAliskey Speech Bloody Sunday March 2013

  2. kruitvat Says:

  3. kruitvat Says:

    I wish you a much of strength, Bernadette.
    Keep fighting. You are a symbol of resistance and you will never be forgotten.

    Jan Boeykens, Werkgroep Morkhoven

  4. kruitvat Says:

    “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

    Well it was sunday
    bloody sunday
    When they shot the people there
    The crys of thirteen marty martyrs
    Filled the free derry air.
    Is there any one among you
    Dare to blame it on the kids?
    Not a soldier boy was
    When they nailed the
    coffin lidds!
    Sunday bloody sunday
    Bloody sunday’s the day!
    You claim to be majority
    Well you know that it’s a lie
    You’re really a minority
    Oh this sweet emerald asle.
    When Stormont bans
    our marchers
    They’ve got a lot to learn
    Internment is no answer
    It’s those mother’s turn
    to burn!
    Sunday bloody sunday
    Bloody sunday’s the day!
    You anglo pigs and scotties
    Sent to colonize the north
    You wave your bloody
    Union Jacks
    And you know what it’s worth!
    How dare you hold on to ransom
    A people proud and free
    Keep ireland for the irish
    Put the english back to sea!
    Sunday bloody sunday
    Bloody sunday’s the day!
    Yes it’s always bloody sunday
    In the concentration camps
    Keep Falls and roads free forever
    From the bloody english hands
    Repatriate to britain
    All of you who call it home
    Leave ireland to the irish
    Not for London or for Rome!
    Sunday bloody sunday
    Bloody sunday’s the day!

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