Latest News Syria: Damascus Countryside

syrian.armyArmy kills terrorists, destroys their hideouts

Provinces,Dec 26, 2013 (SANA)- A military source on Thursday told SANA that scores of terrorists were eliminated in the villages of Jadideh, Erbid, Kwairis, al-Zarzour, Mayer and al-Ziyarah and surrounding Aleppo central prison, al-Tamourah, surrounding the thermal station as their tools were also destroyed.

The source said that a big number of terrorists were killed in the industrial area, al-Wdaihi, Ebtin, Blas and Hadadin. Terrorists’ weapons and ammunition were also destroyed.

Army units kill terrorists in several areas of Damascus Countryside

Units of the armed forces carried out operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings in several areas of Damascus Countryside, killing many of them, including a Lebanese terrorist.

A source told SANA that an army unit killed many terrorists in the area surrounding al-Huda Mosque in Douma city, including Ziad Mattar from Lebanon, while another army unit destroyed two terrorists’ cars and their weapons in al-Hajariyeh farms and al-Shafoniyeh town.

The source added that the army units stormed  a terrorists’ den in Adra al-Balad and killed other terrorists in al-Mlaiha and Erbin.

Another army unit clashed with terrorists near al-Thanaweia roundabout  in Harasta and killed 3 of them.

In Joubar neighborhood, an army unit killed two terrorists near al-Orfan Mosque.

Army units continue hunting terrorists in the workers city of Adra

A military source said that the army units continued hunting the armed terrorist groups in the workers city of Adra and the area surrounding it.

The source added that the army units ambushed terrorists and killed scores of them near  the sanitation in the city’s expansion.

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